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The  GNF&O has emerged as a small collaboration of 3 enthusiastic members from the world of trains and railways, Guto, Fernando and Oswaldo, who together develop and create locomotives, wagons, full trains and even highly detailed routes for DTG Train Simulator. Since its foundation in 2010 with members Guto and Fernando the projects have been developing more and more, when in 2013 Oswaldo showed interest in knowing our work, and since then is part of our team participating in GNF&O Train Simulator projects by all these years, among other works of the team.

Guto Nicolucci

Guto was born in the interior of the state of São Paulo in the Campinas region, Brazil; the great love for railroads and locomotives goes back to childhood, watching the old Wild West movies that were seen the trains and steam locomotives, his greatest admiration. His father would take him on the rail that was 9km away from his house, and so the passion was spreading. After completing a series of technical courses in computer graphics, digital design and web and systems development, he participated in local photography events, which raised interest in photographing trains, especially steam trains. His experience with train simulators began in 2004 using Microsoft Train Simulator, after some time studying the platform and its tools, he creates his first models being a French GELSA 2-8-4 steam locomotive and two basic buildings . Guto handles 3D modeling, textures, animations, sounds, scripts, disclosures, website, sales and technical support from your personal computer.

Fernando Martins

Fernando grew up in northern Paraná, Brazil. Since his childhood he showed love for trains, since he lives very close to the tracks of the old Rede de Viação Paraná Santa Catarina (RVPSC); where he played with his friends close to the line, and always saw the GT22 and C30-7 locomotives working up the road. Even before completing his high school studies, he showed interest in developing his own projects for Microsoft Train Simulator, in 2009 he began to create the first updated audio files for the same locomotives. In addition to the train simulator, he has already ventured to develop Addons for other software such as 18 Wheels Haulin and Euro Truck Simulator 2. However, his greatest passion has always been railroads, Fernando also likes to photograph trains, and search historical content and photographs of time. Getting to know Guto through a simulator forum in 2010, they then work together to discover and develop new projects for DTG Train Simulator. Fernando performs work with 3D modeling, textures, sounds, animations and scripts.

Oswaldo Murilo

Redneck from the interior São Paulo, strong accent pulled and full of history. The Oswaldo or Murilo, as he is best known there, when asked to say that his passion for the railroad was born with him, because his parents says he was barely two years old and was always asking to go see the trains at the old railway station of Cordeirópolis. About ten years old, he won his first national electric train, and always liked railways, but not so hard until he discovered, in 2013, the Railworks today DTG Train Simulator, where he delved into the subject once and for all, through forums. Discovered people with the same taste, and people who took pictures of trains! Armed with a small compact camera, he entered the business and gradually improved his arsenal. In the simulators, he risked others outside the DTGTS, but never adapted. In 2016 he began to create fictional routes, and tired of relying on the work of others, made the decision to face once and for all: he learned from friends Fernando and Guto to model in 3D only in 2019, and today risks without much help. His first official job at GNF&O, the electrified route of the Companhia Paulista, made him an avid admirer of electric locomotives, something he had abhorred until then. He likes to work at his own pace, so he never has goals or deadlines. Murilo also makes 3D modeling, textures and arranges his activities in dissemination and technical support.

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